Joanne McNeil Photography

Hello, and thanks for looking at my work.

When I bought my first camera as a young teenager, I went round snapping all my school friends and family, and then all my college and uni friends, then fabulous holidays, and then my children and pets. And then I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph other people’s children, pets, family and friends. So, this is what I do now! 

I’m hopelessly nostalgic, and can lose hours looking through old photo albums (physical or digital), I love reminiscing. Looking at an image can suddenly bring all your senses into play: the smell of holiday; the feel of someone’s hand in yours; the sound of children giggling; the taste of fabulous food; the sight of a loved one – it’s not just a snapshot on paper or a screen, it’s a locked in memory to a whole bunch of wonderful moments in time. 

I come from a large family of four generations, and I’m used to (and love being part of) family get-togethers. I “get” family and appreciate the different dynamics involved and that sometimes it can get a bit stressful! My style is relaxed and informal which means it helps to put everyone at ease so that you get great, natural images and your session goes as smoothly as possible.

If there’s something that you want to celebrate, whether that’s your family, your wedding, your children or your business, I’d love to create some fabulous images with you!

So, if you like my style and would like to book a session or find out more, please get in touch – or 07771960709. You can also keep up to date with my work and inspiration by following me on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest and Instagram.