As it was Father’s Day at the weekend, I wanted to spend time looking through some of the old family photo albums for pictures of my Dad. Here’s a little collection of some of my fondest memories that I’d like to share with you. I love you Dad!

I believe that photographs are so important. I got so much joy from flicking through old albums, smelling the pages, that faint whiff of times gone by, reminiscing over past holidays and celebrations. Whilst I’ll happily browse through my digital photo collection, looking at photos on the screen just isn’t the same experience in my opinion. I miss the ritual of getting photographs back from the printers. Do you remember the anticipation of going to Max Spielman, or whichever other high street shops there were? Handing in your slip, watching as the person checked through their alphabetically-labelled boxes, then that little flutter of excitement when they pulled out your package and handed it over. I use to run off and find somewhere to sit,  and spend such a long time pouring over each and every photo. Then to take them home and share them with family and friends, and of course, you always made a big thing of sitting down and showing the holiday snaps to people when they came round! Sorry, I just lost myself in a little wave of nostalgia there…

Even when they are little, it’s lovely for children to see pictures of themselves with loved ones and friends, especially those people who they don’t get to see that often. Sadly I don’t live close to my family, so I have always made sure that my two have had access to photographs of them all, and we can talk about them and maintain the relationships they have visually, as well as talking on the phone. I’ve recently bought some lovely big photograph albums, and I’m going to make some special keepsakes for them, so that they will have something to look through and share as they get older. So if you’ve got a load of lovely family photographs sat on a disc or PC somewhere, maybe think about getting some printed and put in an album for all of the family to enjoy together.

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