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Welcome to my first blog of 2014!

I wanted to start the year off with a wonderful shoot I did just before Christmas at one of my favourite shops.  I have seen people’s eyes light up at the mention of RE in Corbridge, because it is a truly remarkable place to visit. For those who haven’t been there before, you can pretty much guarantee that they will be raving about it when they have discovered its delights. I know few shops that stock such a unique and eclectic collection of gifts and products for the home, and where you can literally spend hours browsing the imaginatively-designed aisles.

From soft furnishings to rustic metal letters; baskets of string to colourful candle cakes; retro stationery and posters to gorgeous chandeliers; natural soaps to funky tea-light holders; kitchen and tableware, old maps, beautiful ribbons, wooden postcards, skull-painted mugs, colander lights, ahhh, I feel like I’m breaking out into The Sound of Music’s favourite things song again!

Who would have guessed such treasures would be hidden down a small passageway next to the petrol station in Corbridge?

Photographing all of these wonderful objets was a very indulgent and fun opportunity for me, so thank you to Jenny and Simon for letting me spend three hours in your shop, purring from behind my camera!

Visit the website for more details:

Joanne McNeil Photography_0093

Lots of ideas for making things for the home

Joanne McNeil Photography_0094

RE is awash with colour

Joanne McNeil Photography_0091

From the quirky to the slightly macabre to the religious relics, RE stands out for it’s individualism

Joanne McNeil Photography_0092

Retro stationery, rusty shapes, colourful ribbons, scented soaps – lots of lovely gifts to choose from


Joanne McNeil Photography_0095

You can lose yourself in these aisles

Joanne McNeil Photography_0090

I always feel happy when I come home with one of these paper bags…

Joanne McNeil Photography_0089

Tucked away down a passageway next to the garage in Corbridge, the hidden delights of RE can be found